i review different things from time-to-time, whether it be books, tarot cards, video games, etc. here’s a summary of what i mean when i’ve given something a certain rating.


5 favorite! i’m definitely going to reread this book over and over, and i’m high-key obsessed. this book completely absorbed me with a vivid atmosphere, strong messages, and well-developed characters. this book stayed with me for a long time.

4 loved it! i would recommend this book to anyone, although it didn’t blow me away. i think most people would enjoy this book and appreciate its plot, characters, and messages.

3 this was good! i didn’t love it, but i didn’t dislike it, either. the messages/story might be a little unmemorable, but i enjoyed my time reading it.

2 it was okay. i liked a few things about the book, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. i don’t have major issues with the book although it feels like it’s a bit lacking.

1 problematic. i really dislike this book and have major issues with it; the messages are problematic, or sensitive topics were not treated with respect and nuance.

0 did not finish. i disliked this book so much that i abandoned it and i’m not interested in trying again. similar to a one star rating, it’s likely the book is highly problematic, but it could also be that i just did not feel engaged enough to keep going.