February 14, 2022 in mind+spirit, reflection+self · 3 minute read · views

for example, here are the books i’ve added to my “2022 tbr” collection on my kindle. slowly between december and now, slowly adding to the list when i think “that resonates, i should read that, but probably when i’m in a better mental state to face Hard Things”.

the astute will notice some books there that were on my reading list for last year (surprise: i hardly read anything on that list). seems that themes like burnout, living and working through a pandemic, severely breaking your arm (don’t worry, there’s a long overdue story in the works), feeling separated from your spirit & creativity, being confused as fuck about how to balance technology with dreams of a simpler & more carefree life… they just can’t be neatly contained to a single year.

overdue, but an intention for this year: create more. stop waiting to have Survived Something. stop waiting for the Thing to be Over. life is life. always in progress. create through it, not out of fear of being forgotten, but so that YOU don’t forget what a strange, beautiful, hard, quiet, uncertain, magical life you’re living.

if nothing else, i should post these tbr piles more frequently. and i should let go of the idea of actually committing to reading anything on them. sometimes, the titles alone say enough.

for you, dear reader: rest. you’re not alone. you’re more valuable than society allows you to know. even if all you can do is rest for a moment, a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade… you matter and the world needs you.

p.s. also join me on oku if you like to read and track books but you don’t want all the toxicity of social media and book challenges.