subscription alerts

20 gift subs — diablo dubstep

50 gift subs — stardew valley bop

bit alerts

100 — minimum for text to speech

666 — “death and i” from hades

tip alerts

$10 — minimum for text to speech

$50 — “my mother told me” viking shanty

$100 — “spooky scary skeletons” bop

bot commands

!intro — intro to e & betwixtcraft

!mature — mature community warning

!muted — remind me that i’m muted

!lurk, !unlurk — announce that you’re going in/out of lurk

!bsg @username — call someone out for backseating

!doge — intro to the two shiba inus

!cat — intro to the two gray cat boyes

!style — curious where e got her clothes? likely one of these places!

!first — first playthrough warning; no spoilers or backseating

!music — link to where we get stream music when not using game music